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WP2 Development of tools for reliable analysis of PFCs in diet, II: Quality assessment/quality control


D2-1 Manuals for sampling, validation and reporting (month 9)
D2-2 Testing materials (description) (i.e. food and beverage samples) for Expert Level validation (month 18)
D2-3 Report on expert level validation characteristics data for the analytical methods (month 24)
D2-4 Report on international interlaboratory study for European food laboratories (month 24)
D2-5 Description of the production and certification of two certified reference materials (month 35)


M2-1 Distribution of manuals for sampling, validation and reporting available to partners (month 9)
M2-2 Materials selected and available for expert level validation, and sent to partners (month 15)
M2-3 Expert level validation finalized and reported (month 24)
M2-4 Worldwide ILS finalized and reported (month 24)
M2-5a Selection of CRM 1 (month 3)
M2-5b Selection of CRM 2 (month 18)
M2-6 Two CRMs available for laboratories (month 35)