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WP3 Providing data on PFCs in the diet


D3-1 Determination of relevant food items for sampling by making an inventory of food consumption data in EU (month 6)
D3-2 Design food sampling campaign (month 9)
D3-3 First data sets for PFC concentrations in food collected in different European countries (month 18)
D3-4 Data on impact of food preparation on PFC content (month 24)
D3-5 Comparison of composite sampling to single food item analysis - evaluation of representativity of approach (month 24)
D3-6 Second data


M3-1 Principal decision on selection of food items and analytes (month 8)
M3-2 Workshop completed and start of food sampling campaign (month 9)
M3-3 First screening results and evaluation -Identified food types with major relevance for PFC exposure; WPs4 and 5 will adjust their actions according to these findings (month 18)
M3-4 Analyses of cauldrons and duplicate samples completed (month 24)
M3-5 Second screening results completed (month 35)