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WP4 Tracking the sources of PFCs to food, beverages, and drinking water


D4-1 Report on the fate of PFCs in the water cycle (month 35)
D4-2 Report on bioaccumulation of PFCs in plants (month 35).
D4-3 Report on biotransfer of PFCs to beef cattle (month 35).
D4-4 Report on carry over from feed to farmed fish completed (month 35)


M4-1 Completion of laboratory experiments (month 18)
M4-2 Completion of field samplings: a. cattle (month 18), b. plants (month 24), c. water (month 30)
M4-3 Data generation: a.plant biotransfer completed (month 30); b.beef biotransfer completed (month 35)
M4-4 Calculation of carry-over in farmed fish completed (month 35)
M4-5 Data generation for water treatment completed: a. beverages (month 30), b. drinking water (month 35)