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WP5 Impact of food contact materials and process technologies


D5-1 List of 20 fluorine containing FCM materials relevant for migration testing and modelling (month 6)
D5-2 Migration test scheme appropriate to FC-containing FCM and given applications (month 12)
D5-3 Experimental Migration data for chosen relevant FCM (month 24)
D5-4 Modelling data on migration of FC from FCM (month 30)
D5-5 Identification of food process technologies (home and industrial) with impact on FC or PFC (month 18)
D5-6 Mass balances of PFC measured in food processes at home and in technical scale (month 33)
D5-7 Experimental data on impacts (removal efficiencies/


M5-1 Migration data are prepared for calculation of FCM-related dietary exposure and subsequent risk assessment (month 12)
M5-2 Data prepared for calculation of FCM related dietary intake (month 24)
M5-3 Food processes (home and industrial) with significant effect on FC and/or PFC are identified (month 18)
M5-4 Mass balance data generation for selected food processes completed (month 33)
M5-5 Drinking water processes are tested in lab/pilot scale and can be presented for risk assessment (month 33)