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WP6 Quantifying the dietary intakes in Europe


D6-1 Statistical descriptors of occurrence in food and DW, and aggregate exposure from retrospective data (month 6)
D6-2 Criteria adopted for food items grouping; statistical descriptors of the food consumption in the four EU selected areas (month 6)
D6-3 Criteria for the sampling strategy (single and composite food items) (months 6, 18)
D6-4 Aggregate exposure model (month 24)
D6-5 Statistical descriptors of occurrence and dietary intakes: match between retrospective and new (prospective) estimates of PFC concentrations in food and PFC intakes; evaluation of data from non-European countries (e.g. Canada, USA) (month 30)
D6-6 Estimates of uncertainties: a) exposure from non food sources and its weight in determining total exposure, b) Toxicokinetics and toxicodinamics, and their relevance in determining body burdens (derived from blood bio-monitoring data from literature) (month 35)
D6-7 Assessment of the overall exposure in general and sensitive groups with respect to guidance values, if any, and identification of the “critical points” relevant to risk management (month 36)


M6-1 Completion literature study (month 6)
M6-2 Grouping of food items (month 6)
M6-3 Data evaluation for aggregate exposure model completed (month 24)
M6-4 Statistical evaluation completed (month 30)
M6-5 Uncertainty analysis completed (month 35)
M6-6 Exposure assessment and toxicological evaluation completed (month 35)